A Romantic

There is nothing more enjoyable than witnessing good, true love. I don’t see it often, but during the handful of times I do, I’m reassured and rested in the story God has so configured and arranged for us, for me.

And because I’ve been close to such good story, I’ve had the opportunity to write a toast for a very good friend of mine’s wedding. A day where all things point to completion and also contemplation. All that to say, below is the speech I wrote which has found it’s way to infiltrate my current thought life in a way that says YES to the things I doubt and no to the things I anxiously and dangerously crave.

For as long as I’ve known M, I’ve known the word strong. The kind of strength that doesn’t boast, that doesn’t pry and that doesn’t seclude. But the kind that’s legible like a good story you love to hear and want to be reminded of over and over again.  Or the kind that’s contagious like her laughter (or laughter itself) so that when you are around it, you feel utterly joyful. The strong that is remarkably not afraid to be vulnerable, with fault or ironically, to be alone.

 For as long as I’ve known G, I’ve known the word protector. It’s by his grasp of knowledge of both the human mind and the holy heart, by his sass fused with kindness and by his patience and aspirations, that G has proved to be the beyond suitable and a true protector of the past, present and future of my best friend, M. 

CS lewis says it best concerning this kind of love I witness before me when he states that

The Inventor of the human machine (God) was telling us that it’s two halves, male and female were made and meant to be combined.

And I so believe that because without M—without strength, protection is incomplete. Just the same, without protection, without G, strength seems kind of foolish. But together, when combined, these two things become a force you cannot interrupt and  refuse to ever withhold, because you want to share this kind of love, give truth to it’s fanciful shadows…all because it’s fruition, a completion of love itself…and all in the form of a man and his wife. Paradoxically, of Christ and his Church.

To the man and the wife, who have been the languishing patients for  proper and patient love. May there be calm in the unknown, comfort in solitary, victory in hardship and may there be of course, the endless reminder that He who created that extravagant idea of true love is as real as the flesh that stands beside you today and forever.