W a n d e r i n g | W e e k e n d


8.24-8.26 // 1) Brunch date with my mentor from home at To The Point Cafe where I enjoyed my usual and favorite combo of over easy eggs and toast. Oh and the rosemary butter was delicious. 2) Enjoyed some music at a Milk + Honey benefit & some PBR (purposefully not pictured). 3) Let’s just say, my first time at the Cat Lounge, I reigned as pool champion by way of 8 ball, corner pocket.  4) Spent a great Sunday with some great people at Coronado’s Concert at the Park. 5) Grilled chicken on a baguette, aioli and frites at Blue Boheme in Kensington. 6) One of my favorites when it comes to the company I keep. 


w a n d e r i n g | w e e k e n d

08.17-19 (CLICK)

1) Enjoyed a friend’s visit from home over lunch at Raglan. Say hello to this grilled ahi and slaw on sourdough bread. 2) Did my first music piece for Relevant Magazine on this rad band, So Many Wizards at Soda Bar, sponsored by Sezio. 3) My lovely roomies & Nicole supporting me and looking real fly. 4) Saturday was spent laying on the grass and staring at the perfect sky. 5) My first official Ortiz’s California Burrito since moving back down to San Diego. How sweet the sound–of my inhaling of such delicacy. 6) It was a scorcher on Sunday so my roomies had a water fight in our backyard while I wrote in the shade and grunted..and took photos of them.