What do I love …

What do I love when I love Thee? Not the beauty of bodies nor the fair harmony of time nor the brightness of the light so gladsome to our eyes nor sweet melodies of varied songs, nor the fragrance smell of flowers, not limbs acceptable to the embracements of the flesh, none of these things I love when I love my God.

But–and yet, I love a kind of light melody fragrance meet and embracement when I love my God but they are those which space cannot contain, which time cannot bare way, they are smells that breathing cannot disperse, they are tastes that eating cannot diminish.

This is what I love when I love my God.

An excerpt from Timothy Keller’s sermon on Peace, via a brilliant St. Augustine and the Confessions.

When you love God supremely, you will find that what you have been loving in all things are actually of God.