12 Things People (or my bffs) Say, After Coachella 2012


  1. Guys, I really miss Tupac…’s hologram.
  2. So, did your boss notice your glitter cross tattoo on your forearm too?
  3. Where did these bruises come from and why do they align perfectly with my handlebars?
  4. I can’t believe I’ve been covering up my midriff this whole time.
  5. What was the website for that fashion blog again? And how many are we on?
  6. Florence is so the devil,  but OMG still love her.
  7. There’s grass and dust in my suitcase. And I found your headband in my bathing suit.
  8. Guys, aren’t you proud I didn’t smoke any marijuana?
  9. My voice is completely gone, along with my will to work or have any responsibility but to sway, sweat and sing in a crowd of strangers and euphoria.
  10. I’ll never be able to say “carpool” without merging and preceding it with the annual indie-music fest. And I’m pissed.
  11. “Thug Life” won’t come off my stomach.



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