I love romantic candy.

Last night I paced the grocery aisles trying to figure out what it was I needed for a chocolate souffle I swore I’d make myself next Valentines Day, because last Valentine’s Day I drank too much red wine and the only thing I made was a fuss about how I hadn’t any romantic or close-to-romantic prospects–that and how I learned even guys have low self-esteem too and I could only do so much beyond my sweet-smelling hair and endearing charm. And since I have yet to have any type of romantic entanglements during this year’s terrible candy and flying babies-influenced holiday, I figured, I freakin’ deserve that chocolate souffle I promised to my newer self. And for extra gumption, I’m getting a heart-shaped cutter (and avoiding all forms of flirting via text messages). I’m going all out with my solo-self and with some hard labored sweets.

Speaking of sweet, I believe it was a young, talented and Canadian pop-star who said, “I just need somebody to love.”

Such words whether said or sung, carry weight and wisdom and an adamant vertical head nod.  That very saying is one that delightfully tolls and tramples my insides both at the same time. Yet after momentary disdain of such a relevant statement, I’m left with the catered and massive space to respond. To myself, to others–and all by how I probably decide to live out my life–or maybe just that day, the 14th.

The plan?

To spend it with the many somebodies I love. And I guess it’s not the fact that I need somebody to love, more so that I need them all to know I love them. So though romancing a simple woman seems like Everest (insert underlying compliment comparing me to a very difficult accomplishment meets breathtaking wonder of the world) romancing about a handful of them will be easier and my very intention is to share my immense appreciation for the many someones I care for so deeply and  to realize and treasure how one day, I won’t be able to do this type of celebrating. So as of right now, I’m wildly glad I am able to.

So when the whole world celebrates their romantic lives and judges mine for the lack roses and over-priced chocolates underneath my arms, at least I will be abundant in story-sharing, braided heads of hair, advice on how to say yes/no to them fellas, wisdom on learning lessons the hard and/or graceful way and lastly sweet decadent desserts of many, MANY kinds.


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