New Year.

Today marked the proverbial clean plate, fresh start, veggies only please. So with ease and natural contemplation, I was additionally moved to make a new home for my writing. So if purchasing new shoes easily makes me feel like a new woman, I figured a new blog may make me feel like a new writer–as in one who is more intentional and careful when crafting her words.


The NEW year is upon us and older hands lie before us. How have you used them this last year? How will you use them this year?

I find myself battling what seems to be a 24hr trick question that asks of me essentially, “what can you do better this year that you epically failed at doing last year?” My answer comes quicker than it takes to compose such a trite yet common question but a thread a truth can be found in both the Q and the A and its the one prominent thing I’m thankful for. Jesus. And how his hands have a lot to do with my life today and tomorrow and how all my life’s recaps at the end of every year seems to be perfectly encompassed by a “sigh.” Of relief, of rest and of thankfulness.

Dear old self, put on the new, because you can and it is encouraged. Sacrifice that permeates from age to age, still vibrant, still applicable, still my resolution.


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